How It works

QoSCalls24 is able to detect a bad call in REAL TIME and to reject or re-route it. By using our services, you will increase your profits by improving the quality of traffic and by receiving more traffic from your valued customers.


QosCalls24 is able to Detect and Reroute:

  • Calls with bad audio
  • FAS, (false ring tones after connect, false IVR messages, “unavailable customer” messages after connecting etc.)
  • Calls with one way audio problems (from the caller or the person called)

QosCalls24 filters can work with Any SIP switch: You have just to send your calls to QosCalls24 server and from there calls will be redirected back to your switch or directly to your terminator's equipment.



QoSCalls24 uses 2 kinds of filters to perform its work:

Audio Control Filter - This kind of filter analyses the audio from both parties after a call is connected in order to understand if a real “human” conversation has been established.
Audio Control Filters can detect fake ring tones, answering machines, one way audio, audio problems, silent calls etc.
When a "bad" call is detected QosCalls can Hangup the call, Reroute the Caller side to another terminator, or "learn" from signaling of that call in order to be able to predict bad calls using artificial intelligence.

Predictive Filter - In this case the system learns from the calls with a representative statistic measurement. The system examines a lot of signalling information exchanged during the call set up (i.e. ring tone presence, frequency and volume of ring tone, early audio spectral analysis, answering time from termination equipment, type of SIP messages, and noise level etc.).
When a representative number of calls have been examined, QoSCalls24 is able to predict the quality of a call based on the information exchanged before the call is answered.
In this case the system can send back to the calling switch a reworkable-error code before the call is answered, in order to let the switch reroute the call and avoid FAS.

The system gives you all reports with complete information. To be sure that given results are correct, you may listen to recorded audio to verify presence or absence of FAS or quality issues on vendors' routes.

All activities to manage QoSCalls24 require a small amount of time to set up all information about:

  • Which operators to check
  • Which course of action to follow when a bad call is detected
  • Check reports

In conclusion, QoSCalls24 is easy to use, and makes life simpler for you while filtering out the bad calls and improving the quality of service for real customers.

  • Audio
  • False Answer Supervision (FAS)
  • Low ACD
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Ring Detection
  • Finger Print Detection
  •  Audio Quality Measurement (MOS)
  • Better Quality
  • More Traffic
  • More Profits
  • Less Disputes with customers